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DJ and MC Services

DJ and MC Services

At Amazing Sounds, we provide Disc Jockey (DJ) and Master Of Ceremonies (MC/Emcee) services to our clients at all of our events.

If you are in need of a disc jockey for your wedding or reception, we will send out not only a DJ, but also an MC as well. There is no extra cost for this service as we feel that for a wedding, two people are required to do a proper performance as well as coordinate all the events with our clients AND the other vendors.

We can also provide MC services only for those clients that will have a band or other forms of entertainment but still wish to have a professional that will handle all of the different events as well as providing coordination during the reception.

So, just what are the duties of an MC or Emcee? Well, they are numerous and, when performed properly will have an attention to detail that goes way beyond what a 'combo' DJ/MC (meaning only 1 person) could possibly provide.

Picture this... It's time to cut the wedding cake... So, the 'combo' DJ tries to do what a full Emcee does. He tracks down the bride and groom and asks them if they are ready to cut the cake... They say yes and he informs them it will take place in about 5 minutes and not to leave the area... Next, he tracks down the photographer to make sure he/she is ready and has film or digital 'space' in their camera that will be sufficient for the event (don't you just hate it when a photographer says "hold on a sec, I have to reload" and you are standing there with a knife in your hand thinking... well, you get the picture). Now it's time to find the videographer and let them know also... Finally, he/she heads into the kitchen to find the banquet captain to make sure they are ready to 'slice and dice' the cake as well as making sure that there is a plate, napkins, forks and cutting and serving utensils for the Bride and Groom to cut the first piece and feed each other.

BUT WAIT!! While the DJ is in the kitchen talking to the banquet captain, the music system starts to 'stutter' (stuck cd or frozen digital player, etc.) and it starts saying "Don't you know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know... know..." and keeps going on and on... 30 seconds of this will drive most people crazy... 2 MINUTES worth and I guarantee that someone goes over to the music console and pulls the plug!

This is just ONE reason we send out TWO people... So that this kind of thing won't happen! When the Emcee is running around, the DJ is at the music console making sure things are running well, sound levels are correct and they are able to take requests from you and your guests. Of course having two people also allows us to take short breaks (like bathroom) when needed because when one is on break, the other person is at the console.

So, if someone tells you "I can do both DJ and Emcee work by myself" maybe you should ask them "Do you take bathroom breaks?" and then ask them what happens if the music stutters, stops or gets too loud while they are 'away'. Believe me, I have been stuck in 'lines' at the bathroom before and I am glad someone was at the console making sure everything was running properly while I was gone.

So do yourself (and your guests) a favor and whomever you hire, make sure they are sending out TWO people instead of just one. You'll be glad you did.

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