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Can We See You In Action?

Can We See You In Action?

Can we go SEE an Amazing Sounds DJ/MC Team at an upcoming wedding reception? Or do you have any videos of your DJs/MCs?

People generally ask this question when what they REALLY want to ask us is "How do I know your DJs/MCs have the skills and ability to make our reception fun for us?" OR "How can we trust you that you are going to be able to get the job done the way we want it?

We used to let prospective clients (with permission of the bride and groom, of course) visit another couples wedding reception so they could see how we worked.

There were a couple of problems with this though...

First, you need to understand that Amazing Sounds customizes every event to the CLIENTS interests. We are NOT cookie cutter entertainment. Some couples want a "Wild and Crazy Dance Party" while others prefer a "Formal/Classy Elegant Evening". Some are going to prefer hip-hop and rap, while others prefer Oldies and 80's Rock.

So, when the prospective clients visited, they needed to come at the precise time that the party was "cooking" AND it needed to be the kind of entertainment that THEY had in mind. If they wanted hip-hoppin' party down and the event they visited was more formal and those clients wanted to hear mostly 'Rat Pack' music, the prospective clients might have viewed this event as boring and slow and not something THEY wanted, even though it was EXACTLY what our client wanted! The same thing goes for those that WANT a "Country" wedding, but their visit is to one that the client wanted all the Top 40 hits!

So, what happened? The prospective client would automatically 'judge' us, not by our skills, but by the type of music being played when they visited and if they didn't like that genre, they got the idea that we were not the right ones for them.

We are like actors! We can 'act' any way that the 'director' (client) asks us to! If the client says "Be subdued and formal please and play modern jazz and slow dances because our guests don't really like to dance much" then we would do just that. On the other hand, if they said "We want someone who will get the crowd riled up and turn this into a 'club' event with really pumping music" we can do that too! It all depends on how the DIRECTOR says we should act and how the DIRECTOR says we should sound. That's what a professional does. Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger acts the same in every movie he's been in? Of course not! He does Sci-Fi, Drama and even Comedy!! He just listens to how the director says he wants him to act and does it.

Second problem: In the past, when we have invited couples we had informed them of the dress code...which was not always been adhered to. The last time we invited a couple to a fairly formal reception, we had cautioned them that this was a formal event and to please wear appropriate attire (suit and tie and dress or pantsuit) and to show up at a specific time (after dinner). However, they apparently didn't listen because low and behold, they arrived right in the middle of dinner and had just come from the beach across the street, wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops!! Needless to say, the clients were very upset by their arrival. Upon seeing them come in the door, the bride came over and said "Are THOSE the people you said might be 'looking in' on our wedding to see you perform?" I said yes and she told me to please ask them to leave. Which of course I did right away, but it ended up with both couples being upset at us for seperate reasons.

That was the last time we allowed prospective clients to attend one of our events. After all, it's not fair to our clients to have to be part of our advertising and it wouldn't be fair to our prospective clients either.

Lastly, when it comes to videos, the same issues can apply. If you HATE Katy Perry and the first song on the video IS Katy Perry (or someone/genre you don't like), it stands to reason that you won't like us very much for playing that - No matter how many times we tell you that we won't play it if you don't want it. You will still have that 'yech' feeling because subliminally, your brain can't help it any more than you are probably thinking about PINK ELEPHANTS right now just because we mentioned them!

So, no, we do not do videos of our performances, nor do we allow prospective clients to attend other clients weddings. We will however provide you with plenty of references (both clients AND other vendors) so that you can talk with or email them to see just what kind of job we did for them. But please keep in mind that if one client says we "really rocked the place" and another says we "chose some very nice music to slow dance to and were not obtrusive" they ARE talking about the same people (us), but we were ACTING the way they wished. We will act the way YOU want us to at your event as well!