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Who are we and what do we do?

Who are we and what do we do?

 So, you want to know more about us?  Well, let's start off by introducing ourselves...

 disc jockey Alan wedding specialist
     Hi, my name is Alan McKenzie and I am the owner of Amazing Sounds.  I started my career as a disc jockey back in the late 80's and early 90's working in the dance clubs in Santa Barbara.  Then one day, my brother, who had been working as a 'roadie' for a mobile dj company, told me his boss was looking for a DJ for an event that weekend because one of his DJs had just quit on him.  So, that weekend was my first event as a Mobile Disc Jockey

     I worked for that company for 5 years, providing entertainment for weddings, corporate and other parties before saying to myself... "Self, you could do so much better if you started up your own company."  I could specialize in formal events (I had grown to LIKE them A LOT!) and skip the school dances and kids parties and concentrate on doing a MUCH better job for my clients.

     That was the start of Amazing Sounds Mobile DJ's, back in 1992 and we have been doing a fantastic job for our clients ever since - just ask them!  We'll even give you some contacts if you like!  I built my business on the basis of QUALITY before QUANTITY!

     Here are the promises I made to myself to insure that quality:

  1. I would never do 2 events in a day and THE OWNER (we have two now of course) would always be at the event as the Emcee AND we would bring a DJ (not just a roadie) as well.
  2. Equipment would be replaced every 5 years!  The old equipment would become backup for another 5 years and then get sold.  After all, OLD speakers start to sound OLD - especially when they are used at beaches, in hot rooms in the winter, dry air-conditioning in the summer, well, you get the picture.
  3. Professional look - This means no banners or signs (like the old company) and performers to wear tuxedos for all events (unless the client wants to change that to fit their theme).  Equipment to look professional, cables tied or taped down and hidden from the guests.  Safety is our number one concern for you and your guests.
  4. Provide our clients a customized and personal experience - That means no 'cookie cutter' events, each one is designed for one client!
  5. Basically, it means NO CHEESE!!  No cheezy looking people and no cheezy looking equipment!  Clean and professional at all times.

     So, here we are, almost 20 years later as I write this and we are still going strong!  Oh, and that other company?  They closed down about 5 years after I started my company.  Why?  Because they were more interested in the QUANTITY of their events... and their clients could tell.

Debbie McKenzie Emcee and wedding Disc Jockey     Onward now to my other (and some say better) half, my wife and the love of my life after 9 years of marriage: Debra McKenzie - but she likes to be called Debbie.  What can I tell you about her?  Well, she is just AWESOME!! 

     We met about 10 years ago when I invited her to a LA Kings Hockey game (we actually met 'online' way back then).  She used to work for a engineering and design company and did corporate event planning (can you say a match made in heaven??).

     Debbie grew up in "the valley" and then moved to Thousand Oaks with her family and, until we were married that was her home town.  She now lives in Oxnard (by the Airport) with me, her husband Alan.  We moved here because, well, it's cheaper to buy a home there than Santa Barbara OR Thousand Oaks and because our families are important to us and they both still live in SB and TO... and it's easier for us to visit them when we live in between!

     Debbie is now the office manager and main point of contact for most of our clients.  She is also a fully trained Emcee and disc jockey.  In addition, she is the current President of the Pacific Coast Disc Jockey Association (PCDJA) and can also provide full service Day-Of-Coordination for those venues and/or clients that need that service.

     Debbie is very personable, helpful and truly caring with all of our clients and has that special 'female touch' that allows her to connect with Brides better than I ever could!  After all, she's been a bride so she knows what it's like and what kinds of things they go through with all the planning for their own once-in-a-lifetime event! 

     She is there to help in EVERY way, not just with music.  Need help finding other vendors, she does that!  Stressed out and just need someone to talk to that understands? She'll be there for you!  I sometimes think she is part Bride, part Wife, part Emcee, part Office Manager and part Counsellor too! She wears a lot of hats, but she looks great in all of them!  Oh, and did I mention we are still newlyweds??  Yeah, 9 years married and we're still crazy about each other.

     So that's a little bit about us, how we started the company, how we do business and who we are.  We tell you all this because we feel that you should know a little about the people that will be representing you at your event before you hire them.

     Now it's YOUR turn!  Give us a call and set up a meeting so we can find out who YOU are and show you how we can help take your event from good to AMAZING!!  And if you ever have ANY questions about us or our services, let us know.  We're there to help!

     You can reach us at (805) 382-4676 or toll free at (877) 595-7461.  If you would like to email us, please use our contact page.