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A Pre-Wedding Pit Stop

A Pre-Wedding Pit Stop


For the day (or even 2 days) before the wedding

FIRST - make SURE that you take the day off!!!  Both of you!!  Things are busy enough without having to work the day (or two) before your own wedding.

Next - make sure that you and she will be doing SOME things (like picking up tux, arranging last minute meetings with vendors, etc.) together that morning/noon time... Not too late or too close to the rehersal dinner.

Then - Make up a picnic basket and put it in the back of your vehicle... This can be done the day before if needed.  Don't let her know you did it though... Hide it if you have to or keep it at a friends house and pick it up before you go to the park/beach/location of your picnic. 

Make sure that if you BUY things like sandwiches, coleslaw and such that:

  1. They are able to keep cool so they don't go bad
  2. They are re-wrapped or packed so it looks like YOU made them - if she asks though, tell her the truth... "Well, I didn't MAKE them, but I put everything together myself!" awwwwwwww...

On your way together to do those last minute errands and such, tell her you need to stop and take a break from everything... Find a nice park (ahead of time and near one of your stops) and pull over there...

The basket should contain:

  1. Food that you can feed each other (ie: make sure things are cut up already, it's easier) sandwiches are good, so is fresh cut fruit and veggies)
  2. Something to drink (maybe a small or 'split' of champagne, bottle of wine or sparkling cider) but don't drink more than 1-2 glasses if you are driving!
  3. Any sauces, condiments, dressings, etc. - put into separate baggies if you can just in case they leak.
  4. CLOTH napkins or small hand towels - I like to use two for each person - one that I tuck into her collar (that's fun!) so nothing gets on her clothes and the other for wiping her mouth and fingers
  5. REAL PICNIC BASKET - hey, this is an INVESTMENT, trust me!!  Many come with plates, napkins, silverware, etc. - just make sure it's not TOO big
  6. Picnic blanket or throw of some sort that you can both sit and eat on - nobody likes grass stains and tables are for wimps!!
  7. DESSERT!!  Preferably something sweet, chocolatey and/or gooey - think fun to feed!!
  8. Water!!  This is to help clean up any sticky fingers, faces, etc. One small bottle should do.
  9. Small radio, CD Player, MP3 player, etc. with speakers (not headphones) - play soft romantic music - Elvis, Harry Conick Jr., Sinatra, etc. - even if you don't really care for it, she will get the point!  Oh, and don't forget "your song" as well... And did I mention you might even ask her to dance with you??  She will love it!!
  10. A digital camera - to remember the moment... Make sure to ask a passer-by to take a picture as well as any you take, it will look better if you can get the whole picnic in it...
  11. Sunglasses, hats or other sun protection if you need it... Also, try and find a place under a tree or somewhere in the shade if it's a really warm day... OH, and be sure to bring some SUNSCREEN - you don't want a sunburn on your wedding day!
  12. Something FUN!!  Frisbee, a book SHE is currently reading (YOU can read to her! How romantic!), you can use your digital camera/video and do some 'wacky' pictures of each other making funny faces, etc., squirt guns can be fun too... Get just ONE and play 'tag' with it... Just make sure it LOOKS like a toy so other people don't think something's wrong... or get two, but one is more fun... When you get shot, you get the gun!  no supersoakers though...

Just think FUN!!  Believe me, 99% of girls/women/ladies like FUN!!  And 100% like romance!!

Your picnic basket should be the old fashioned wood/wicker type if at all possible, you know, the kind that Yogi Bear was always trying to steal.  Big enough for food and drink for two people or more with room for glasses, bottles, silverware, etc.

Now get out there and have fun!!  Use your picnic basket at least 1-2 times a year and make sure it’s when they least expect it!!  Try taking a long lunch and picking her up at work sometime (call her boss to arrange and extra 30 minutes if you can) or just some lazy weekend when you don’t have any other plans ahead of time.  Trust me, she will tell all her friends and they will all have an “awwww” moment when she tells them!

Have fun!

© 2010 -  Alan McKenzie – Amazing Sounds™